7 of the Prettiest Wrapped Wedding Bouquets

Long gone are the days where bouquet stems are tightly wound in a shiny satin ribbon. Now the trend is a beautiful hand died loose ribbon cascading off of asymmetrical bouquets. This style is become romantic and almost old world, so don't restrict the stems. You can adorn them with the prettiest ribbon you can get your hands on and here are some favorites.

1. A spring bouquet with long, layered pastel ribbon works with poppies and maidenhair fern.

Spring Bouquet with Long Ribbons

2. A bouquet that changes from citrus to pale pink and uses a thick silk ribbon in the softest yellow as a complement.

Bouquet with Yellow Ribbon

3. Use lots of greenery and hints of dark flowers, and wrap this bouquet simply with a couple of meandering thin, white ribbons.

Green Bouquet with White Ribbons

4. The perfect ribbon for a sunset bouquet of dusty sweet peas and vibrant orchids is the softest peach pale color.

Sunset Bouquet with Peach Pale Ribbon

5. You can add party to your bouquet with layering not just one but up to three different color ribbons around your stamps. Burgundy ribbon can match the deep red of ranunculus.

Bouquet with Three Color Ribbons

6. Don't forget silk chiffon ribbon. It looks so luxurious it could be called liquid gold or perfect pale buttermilk.

Bouquet with Silk Chiffon Ribbon

7. A large bouquet of lilac can look freshly picked and doesn't need much else but a simple complementary gray ribbon.

Lilac Wedding Bouquet with Gray Ribbon