How to Save on Your Wedding Bouquet

Summer Wedding Flowers

It is hard to imagine a beautiful wedding without flowers. Traditionally the bride carries a bouquet when walking down the aisle. But a nice wedding bouquet and beautiful flower arrangements are not cheap. In fact, the budget for wedding flowers is around $2,000, but luckily there are ways to save. One way to save on your wedding flowers is to opt for inexpensive but cute centerpieces or bridesmaids' bouquets so the bride could afford the bouquet of her dream to carry on her most important day. The ideas below will help save money on your wedding bouquet and floral decorations.

Purchase Flowers in Season

You can decrease your wedding expenses by choosing flowers that are in season. It would be a good idea to find out at the stage of wedding planning what flowers will be in bloom at the time of your wedding. If possible try to use locally sourced flowers to save on transportation costs and benefit the environment.

Consider Getting Large Flowers

Large Table Flowers

You will need fewer flowers if you opt for ones with large blooms. Instead of placing a bunch of small flowers, why not get large gerbera, peonies and oriental lilies as nice decorations! The same strategy can be applied to decorating your centerpieces. Several large flowers will much easier fill the space and will cost much less.

Get Crafty with Friends

One way to save money is to make your own floral arrangements and bouquets. However it can work out only for a small wedding. If more than 50 people are invited to your wedding you might fail to create all those arrangements in time. If you still prefer to make floral decor yourself you need to think where you will buy the flowers, how you will store them, transport to the venue and arrange them.

You may get your friends to help you. If one of your friends is a florist she can be in charge of that. But when it comes to self made floral arrangement avoid too elaborate designs that require specific skill. Remember that it should be easy for people to assemble them. Beautiful but affordable crafty looks will be the best bet. If you plan a vintage style wedding consider crafting some unique and unusual floral arrangements for your bouquet and centerpieces.

Keep it Simple

Single Flowers in Vases

You can use a single type of flower to adorn the bouquets and centerpieces. Of course, the flower arrangement will be not so colorful, but you will enjoy an elegant floral theme on your wedding. Single flowers in vases make elegant table decorations as well.

Silk Flowers

Use Silk Flowers

The advantage of using silk flowers for bouquets and centerpieces is that you can make them in far advance. This way you can save time, money and a great deal of stress. Silk flowers are lightweight, donít fade and are easy to transport. Plus they will last longer. You can even scent them to smell like live flowers! But keep in mind that some silk flowers can be pretty expensive so make sure you plan your spending to meet your budget. You can decorate your bouquet with real flowers and place silk flowers on the tables.

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Reuse Your Blooms

Ask someone to bring the flowers you used in church where you had your wedding ceremony to the reception venue so you could use them as centerpieces. Consider placing a vase on the head table for your bouquet which will serve as perfect centerpiece on the table. You can also adorn the gift table, guestbook table, cake table or bar with your bridesmaids' bouquets.