Top Amazing Honeymoon Locations for Flower Lovers

As soon as you have set your wedding day and planned everything in details, it's time to dream about the honeymoon. Thinking of unforgettable moments full of romantic and love, you can not imagine them without sweet and tender fragrances and flowers' blooming.

Flowers are the symbols of the endless love and tenderness and we are about to offer you amazing destinations that will let you fall in love as deep as you can.

We gathered all the best blooming locations from all around the world to make your unforgettable journey, full of love and passion.

Lavender season in Provence, France

Lavender Fields

The unforgettable views of nature and magical atmosphere of Provence are one of the best conditions for the perfect honeymoon. It's hard to believe that anybody can stay indifferent to the magical beauty and freshness of the lavender fields. If you want to see the real magic of lavender fields, then your traveling point is Luberon, which is known as one of the most beautiful villages in France. You will be definitely stunned by this lavender sea with its amazing shades of purple.

You can choose different ways of lavender fields discovering. For example, you can have a breathtaking hot air balloon ride, or romantic bicycle weekend, you can also rent a car or simply have a wonderful walk.

Another great way to explore Provence is to go for excursion and visit local distilleries and farms. One of the most interesting summer events in Provence are lavender festivals. They are usually taking place at Sault and Valreas, so don't miss your chance to visit them. For those who can't imagine their life without shopping, stores in Provence offer numerous amazing products as handcrafted decor, perfumes, soap, lavender oil and so much more. You can also visit a Lavender Museum which is located in Coustellet. There you will definitely make your best honeymoon photos. If you are searching for a unique and quiet place, then you have to visit Abbaye Notre-Dame de Senanque, the 12th Century Cistercian abbey, which is located in Gordes. It is still an active monastery and the field of lavender are especially beautiful there. So if you are dreaming of the relaxing and calm atmosphere of the holy place with beautiful view, don't miss your chance to get there.

Prime season. The best time to discover amazing lavender fields is summer. So try to plan your trip from mid-June to mid-July.

Neelakurinji flowers in Munnar Keral, India

Neelakurinji Flowers

Another great place with endless blooming flowers is waiting for you to be charmed by its fantastic views. It is located in Munnar, in Idukki district of the southwestern Indian state of Kerala, and it's a real flower paradise which you can visit during your honeymoon. Neelakurinji flowers received their name by the combination o two words: "Neela", which means blue and "Kurinji", which is flower name.

Neelakurinji flowers are a unique symbol of Munnar, they are well known not for just their elegance, but also for that fact that they bloom only once in 12 years. The rare happening of Neelakurinji flowers blooming is an amazing property of Kerala. You have to know that different species of flowers can bloom in a different time. The beauty and tranquility of Neelakurinji will definitely blow your mind. Amazing landscapes, wild animals, and birds will give you a good reason to make the best photos of your trip.

It is known that the last flowering was in 2006. So if you will discover the next one with your spouse, this would be an unforgettable trip for you both. Discovering this amazing destination will bring you joy and revival to your relationships. You can also visit other beautiful places like Eravikulam National Park or Pallivasal which are located in this region.

Prime season. We've already said that the mass flowering of Neelakrinji happens once in 12 years. But you have to know that there are over 40 varieties of flowers from Neelakrinji family that bloom from August almost up to October.

Rose Valleys of Bulgaria

Rose Valleys

Roses were always associated with passion and sensuality, so they can create a really romantic atmosphere which is the best for your honeymoon or romantic vacation. Considering this, we've found a great place on the globe, full of romantic and beauty. It is located in Bulgaria, which is famous for its rose-growing culture that has been cultivated there for centuries.

Stunning with its beauty, such a rose valley expands from the bottom of the Stara Planina Mount to the Lower Sredna Gora chain. The fluids of love and amazing odors are speeded by hundreds of roses in the air. And when they mix with the scents of lavender and mint that are growing here too, you feel that you are losing your head.

By the way, you can purchase original rose oil that is produced here. And if you are looking for some bright impressions, you can visit the rose festival, which takes place here in June. Another great place to visit is a gorgeous rose museum that is located in Kazanlak.

Prime season. Try to come here from May to June if you want to visit a famous rose festival and to take part in rose picking which is a very beautiful event with its rituals and traditions.

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in Netherlands

Keukenhof Tulip Garden

Be sure, you are not sleeping, it's just a reality which is amazingly beautiful in these places. The brightness and beauty of tulips and bulb flowers will bring harmony and tenderness to your relationships. Keukenhof is a place in South Holland, not far from Lisse, Netherlands. Millions of people come here every year to enjoy the beauty of the local nature.

Some people call this place a Garden of Europe, for its blooming multiplicity. These amazing tulips, crocuses, amaryllises, and hyacinths won't leave you indifferent and will definitely brighten your heart with their vivid colors. And that's all not counting numerous romantic fountains, bright flowerbeds, ponds and surely the most romantic in the world, Keukenhof windmill.

There are other numerous blooming flowers except the tulips here which support this magical atmosphere. Just take a look at these beautiful daffodils, hyacinths, and narcissi...they are the inalienable part of the whole beauty. If you want to have fun, then don't miss a chance to visit great music and dance performances, exhibitions and other interesting events that are taking place here.

Prime season. Come here from mid-March to early May and you will see all the beauty of the local nature. Consider that the weekdays offer more private and quiet atmosphere for your excursions.

The Enchanting Dzukou Valley in Nagaland, India

Dzukou Valley

This secret place which is located in north-eastern state of Nagaland in India and hidden among the mountains on the Manipur-Nagaland border can impress you with the beauty of unique species of lilies. It is located at an altitude of 2438 meters above sea level and is well known for beautiful nature and seasonal flowers.

It might be one of the best places for the celebration of the start of your joint life. Amazingly beautiful lilies, euphorbias, aconitum, and hundreds of other varieties of flowers create a fantastic atmosphere that won't forget.

Green valleys covered with beautiful flowers and plants, singing birds and mountain rivers with their crystal-pure water surrounded by the's hardly believed that you can find a better place for sharing your love with each other. Moreover, this place is considered as one of the best for camping and trekking because of its natural caves and rocks.

Prime season. The best months for flower watching are from June to September, so don't miss your chance to enjoy the beauty of these places.

Cherry Blossoms at Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

Cherry Blossoms at Ueno Park

Visiting Japanese cherry blossom parks are one of the most romantic experiences in the world. The most popular, Ueno Park is located in Tokyo. It's a 133-acre park with more than 1000 of blooming Sakura trees, that also has beautiful Shinobazu pond and the National Museum located on its territory. The ritual of blossom viewing is typical for its place which is regularly visited by hundreds of couples. This also means that this place is rather crowded by its visitors.

The glowing evening atmosphere makes this place really magical with its variety of trees, that are lighted up with hundreds of Japanese lanterns. The most species of cherry bloom in spring, what makes this season most popular time to visit Ueno Park.

In addition, you can visit shrines, museums and numerous natural attractions that you can visit together.

Prime season. Best time to come here is from Late March to late April.