Ways to Decorate your Wedding Venue with Flowers

Wedding Centerpieces

Flowers are the number one way to decorate your wedding venue, they can instantly change the feel of your room and you can use them to dress everything up from your pews to your cake. Take a look at these creative new ideas.


Flower centerpieces are not new but more and more brides are coming up with amazing new ideas on a floral focal point. There are trends for fresh flowers and decorated jam jars and bottles, it's perfect for a do-it-yourself wedding and its budget friendly. You can use colored ribbon and lace to create a pretty base out of an old jar, or even just use colorful empty food containers. There are also metallic tins used for golden syrup and they have a vintage vibe. You can even mismatch for a quirky, eclectic look.

Rustic Wedding Flowers

For an English country garden wedding theme, put a mixture of fresh countryside wildflowers in a cream jug. You can use tulips, daffodils and gypsophila for a cheerful spring look. There is also the trend of putting your centerpiece flowers in mismatched China and it looks amazing that a vintage inspired wedding. You'll have great fun collecting the pieces during the wedding planning.

If you want something more traditional, a tall centerpiece with candles looks great when it's accessorized with flowers. Just don't forget to make sure your guests can see each other across the table. Some of the stems that are statement flowers are bright orchids and they have an amazing impact. You can always buy potted orchids for reusable table centerpieces that you can give away as gifts.

Pew Ends and Aisles

Decoration With Potted Trees

Pew ends conjure up images of old-fashioned churches, but using flowers to decorate your ceremony space is now a modern way to ensure that every part of your wedding is personalized for you as a couple. You can tie small bunches of your chosen wedding flowers to the Isle chairs with ribbon and it's a small way to introduce your wedding theme and make your ceremony even more beautiful. You can put single blooms in small tea light holders and hang them from the chairs.

An even more dramatic botanic decoration is lining the aisle with potted trees to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. This is a very versatile decoration and you can even customize the trees and add fairy lights for winter or butterflies for summer. Once the wedding is over, you can always take the trees home and plant them in your garden as a reminder of your special day.

Greenery and Roses Cake Decorations

Cake Decorations

There are a lot of brides that use fresh flowers to decorate their cakes and for good reason. It looks more modern than traditional sugar paste decorations and even more beautiful. A few blooms on the top can bring a cake to life or you can decorate each tier for the full effect. You can discuss all these options with your florist.

You can always use flowers to decorate your cake table. Make a few extra centerpieces and surround your cake with them and make it more of a focal point. You can put your bouquet here on the table to make sure it doesn't get lost. You can also sprinkle the cake table with paddles for a pretty look.

Dramatic Decor

Floral Chandelier

When it comes to decorating your reception, there is no limit. You can use dramatic floral pieces in plain venues and it is a perfect blank canvas to decorate with flowers and natural touches. Try hanging along hanging arrangement from the ceiling like a floral chandelier or just use a lotto greenery to add bulk without your flower budget going through the roof.

Branches and twigs are a great way to add the finishing touches to your venue. You can always spray them silver or white and hang with tea lights for an icy winter wedding. You can hang them with pom-poms or floral pomanders in the sunny summer months. You can even use hops or corn to create an autumn rustic feel for your day.