4 Beach Wedding Flower Mistakes to Avoid

Here are four tips to keep in mind when you're choosing your beach wedding flowers and also ways to save money.

Beach Wedding Flowers

1. Consider Your Destinations Climate

This is a big challenge that is unique to beach and destination weddings. If you get married early in the day when the sun is in full force, make sure you choose a type of flower that stays fresh throughout the ceremony and reception. It would be horrible to have your flowers wilt before you get to the first dance.

2. Work with Nature and Not Against It

If you are choosing a scenic background like the beach, a garden, or mountains, you need to enhance what nature gives you. But don't overdo it. Do not stress out and spend unnecessary funds or you might take away from the natural beauty of your location. That should be the whole point of a destination wedding.

3. Beach Wedding Flowers Don't Always Have to Be Ultra-beachy

You might think that a beach wedding flower arrangement has to be covered with seashells or starfish. This is not the case. You can always do that if you choose, but your arrangement can be accented with seashells that you can actually have zero beach elements in it.

4. Don't Assume You Have to Choose the Beach Flowers from Your Resort Package

Beach Bridal Bouquet

If you are getting married at an all-inclusive resort they often will present you with some different package options. Some of them will include a certain type of floral arrangement.

If you feel that your orchids are your only option make sure you ask, as they typically don't volunteer the information to switch out a certain type of flour because it is more work for them.

Make sure you ask if there are other options you can choose from.

Tell them what you like and don't like and they will probably work with you. You can always ask if you can bring in an outside florist even though it might cost you a bit more.