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How to Choose Flowers for your Wedding

Wedding is special event that we just can't imagine without flowers. They decorate the interior, the wedding venue and, of course, the wedding bouquet that the bride is carrying during the entire event. In addition, flowers can adorn the outfits of the best man and bridesmaids, the table and other items, so choosing the right flowers is very important.

When it comes to choosing flowers for your special event your preferences are of great importance. Besides you should understand what flowers match the theme of your celebration and suit your budget. Consider hiring a professional florist who will give you some valuable pieces of advice.

An indispensible attribute of the bride in the most important day of her life is a wedding bouquet. It is a symbol of happiness, love and romance to be cherished for years to come, reminding about the celebration every time she looks at it. (See How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet).

It is not easy to choose the wedding bouquet as it might seem at first glance. When choosing your perfect wedding bouquet it is important to take into account several important characteristics:

- Flowers. First choose the flowers, their selection now is just huge - classic roses, tender hydrangeas, gorgeous orchids, elegant buttercups, refined peonies. (See 10 Popular Wedding Flowers).

- Season. Opt for seasonal flowers. If you have a wedding in winter you might choose carnations, gerberas, roses or chrysanthemums. Other flowers may not last long in cold weather. Freesias, calla lilies, hydrangeas and orchids are great for a summer wedding.

- Color. Having chosen the flowers you will also need to decide on their shades.

When choosing the color of your flowers consider the following:

1.The color of your floral arrangements should match the general color scheme of your wedding.

2.The bride's bouquet should match the wedding dress.

Consider choosing the color of your wedding bouquet that will look good with the color of your hair.

For example, women with fair hair had better avoid bright colors in their wedding bouquet so they don't detract attention for the bride herself. However, white or faded colors don't work out as well as because flowers will blend with the bride's color type. Pastel colors are the best bet then. Dark-haired women should opt for bright colors (red or purple) or white cream like shades.

- Shape. It is an important element to consider as the right shape of the flowers will add to the beauty of the bouquet. The shape of the flowers should match the designs of the bride's wedding dress and veil, as well as her figure and height.

Casual, a bit untidy bouquets, as if haphazardly arranged from flowers available, are very popular these days. Asymmetrical floral arrangements and bouquets with bright accents are trendy as well. Also exclusive floral designs with tree limbs, beadwork and satin ribbons are rather common. They look great and the most important thing is that they will last for a long time. (See 7 of the Prettiest Wrapped Wedding Bouquets).

Wedding venues are also usually decorated with flowers. But keep in mind that flower arrangements should not be too large, so they don't outmatch the bride and the groom, as well as the guests of the celebration. Everything should be in harmony. (See Ways to Decorate your Wedding Venue with Flowers).

If you are planning a destination wedding on a beach, in a city or a picturesque resort you may choose from the flowers which are the best for a destination wedding.

- Price is an important factor to consider. You can save by buying flowers online. (See Benefits of Buying Flowers Online). We recommend checking several floral sites to compare prices and the level of service offered.

Some brides would like to add their personal touch to wedding planning and purchase wholesale flowers. Others prefer to have their wedding flowers arranged for the wedding. Online wedding florists cover both options so you just need to decide how much adventure you are ready to have when it comes to flower decorations. However, some brides prefer to deal with a florist personally even though the cost of the wedding flowers will be higher. Every bride is sure to find the option that suits her needs most.

Figure out your budget. First set your budget limits and then choose the flowers. You may discuss your wedding budget with the florist and rely on it when choosing the flowers.

Be prepared for a greater creativity if you are limited with your budget. (See How to Save on Your Wedding Bouquet). Don't limit your florist's creativity with financial constrains. Tell about them only if you just can't afford spending too much. If you are open your florist will be able to find a cheaper alternative that will still look great.

Money saved on your wedding floral arrangements can be spent on unforgettable honeymoon. (See 10 Romantic Honeymoon Resorts in the United States). And if you just can't imagine your honeymoon without flowers that smell sweet and tender we will offer you the top flowering honeymoon locations in the world perfect for a trip full of love and passion.